We work with you in three parts so you can get the most out of your gap year.  Our approach is holistic in nature, meaning we understand that one person's experience does not happen in a vacuum. We integrate a mind-body-heart approach with every individual and their family.  


We work with every student and their family from start to finish.  Our process is flexible. We will work with you to customize the gap year of your dreams based on your goals, desires, interests, and budget.  

Read about our different services and packages below and reach out if you have any questions or want to customize a package based off of your specific desires. 


Full Service Gap

  • Free 45 minute consultation

    • We review interests, desires, goals, our program expectations, special circumstances, and provide a few program options

  • Ongoing research

  • Resume building and support

  • Gap Year Designs - these are customized placements and itineraries for the duration of the gap

  • Direct student and family support 

    • Placement support, planning itineraries, application support, placement changes/alterations, ongoing communication via email/phone/facetime/skype before, during, and after your gap experience

  • Travel logistics support for both service organizations and independent placements 

    • Domestic and international travel, packing, local wisdom, pre-departure preparation​

  • Individualized coaching based on your top five strengths, as identified by the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment

  • Customized enrichment resources relevant to placement regions and activities

  • Re-entry and Actualization support - we help you actualize your newfound skills, interests, and goals for your next steps in life once you return from your gap experience

  • One year of international travel insurance

  • 15 (full year)/7 (half year) hours of meeting time, unlimited emailing, unlimited research

$1800 Half Year

$2700 Full Year


Gap Year Coaching

Unsure if a gap year is the right decision for you?  Or are you sure, but want to navigate through the options and logistics more briefly?  Want just a few placement ideas over a couple hours? Or perhaps you know exactly what you're doing, but are looking for mentorship and guidance throughout the process.  This hourly package allows us to customize how we will work together.  We'll discuss your intentions, talents, interests, and budget and discover together if a gap year is right for you and what it could look like if it is. 

  • Free 45 minute consultation

  • Individualized life and gap coaching for students and/or their family before, during, and/or after their gap year

$135 Per Hour

Schedule a free session to see if we're the right fit to help you plan your gap year. This is 100% financially risk-free and can happen in person, via skype/facetime, or ...
Risk-Free Dreaming
45 min
Free Consultation

Due to COVID-19 we are not currently accepting any new clients.