“Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.” 

― José Ortega y Gasset


ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS  -  Our planet is worthy of our care.  We do our best to build relationships with eco-friendly placements that work to conserve, protect, and respect our earth.


SOCIALLY AWARE - We realize our social impact and understand that our actions cast a wide net in the world.  We take our partnerships seriously, strive to welcome all people regardless of their chosen or given identity, and foster reciprocity in all of our placements.

CULTURALLY SENSITIVE - We work with people from cultures different than our own without assigning judgment.  We recognize our own privilege and respect other cultures from a place of humility.​

HOLISTIC - We work with the entire family from start to finish of the experience, understanding that one person's experience does not happen in a vacuum. We integrate a mind-body-heart approach with every individual.


We've been there and done that

With nearly 20 years of combined experience as students, facilitators and administrators in the gap year and experiential education industries, we are experts from the inside out.  

We know our stuff 

We have a strong vetting process for each organization and placement we work with.  We either personally visit to site-check, or we do a thorough review by speaking to past participants and checking safety protocols.

We stick with you

We work in three phases: dream, experience, and actualize.  What this means is that there is continuity from start to finish of your gap year.  Our services are not just about sending you on an experience, but also emotionally supporting your entire family throughout the process. 

We listen deeply

We work with you individually to thoroughly understand your interests, goals, dreams, and fears.  We take our time in getting to know you and building experiences that fully reflect who you are and what it is you desire to explore.

We work together

We believe in the power of collaboration. For that reason we work with the whole family unit, however you choose to define that.  We listen to you and your support team and then we collaborate together to turn your dreams into journeys.


Our services are customized for the individual. For this reason, we offer 3 different package options.  Not taking a gap YEAR, but rather a semester?  No worries.  Only want a few hours of gap year coaching, instead of the WHOLE ENCHILADA?  We've got you covered.  Need support, but have a smaller budget?  We're here to help. 


"I am so grateful to have had Simone guiding me through such an important journey in my life. It was with her wisdom and direction I was able to live my gap year to the fullest. I will continue to use the insights she gave me to navigate life forever. I will never forget Simone or the incredible gap year she helped me create." 

Olivia M., Explorer

"Throughout the duration of my gap year Simone provided tremendous support and worked passionately to help facilitate travels that proved to be rich in transformation. Fresh out of high school, I had very little awareness of what it meant to travel in a safe, sustainable, and intentional way; Simone helped open the door to this form of education. From the beginning of our conversations, Simone was sincere in her desire to learn about my passions and which cultures I was especially intrigued by, and then worked diligently to make my dreams a reality. From the beginning of my process of exploring different volunteer placements, to diving headfirst into the unknown, to reflecting on my amazing adventures, Simone was truly an unwavering source of information and insight."

Diana E., Explorer