We believe that the best way to learn is to do.  After we dream together, we send you off to live out your own experience.  Below you will find our 5 experience categories laid out as a guide for you to view some samples of different options you could explore with Intrepid.  


  • Work alongside field guides and national park rangers as a member of a wildlife monitoring team in Marakele National Park in South Africa.

  • Partner with a sea turtle conservation organization on an island in Costa Rica.

  • Conserve our oceans through marine conservation in Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, and other regions through education, SCUBA, and volunteering.


  • Learn outdoor leadership skills, wilderness medicine, risk management and leave no trace ethics in one of many countries around the world.

  • Lend your hand in trail building and rehabilitation in the US.

  •  Live on a boat while learning to sail, visiting different cultures and countries, and gaining new skills.


  • Teach English to Buddhist monks in asia.
  • Volunteer on an organic farm while learning principles of permaculture and biodynamics.
  • Support refugees domestically and/or internationally.


  • Learn art history while traveling with a group throughout Europe
  • Intern as a photography or film assistant with accomplished artists
  • Take a music course and produce your own album

and more​....



  • Get certified to teach English abroad and work anywhere in the world

  • Do a paid internship in line with your interests
  • Become a snowboard/ski instructor and work all season long.
  • Be an au pair or nanny for a family anywhere in the world

WORK TRADE (work in exchange for room/board)

  • Work as a teacher in high-need cities in the US with other like-minded gappers, while earning a stipend, health care, and more.
  • Work in reception at a hostel, hotel, or B&B.
  • Teach yoga at a yoga retreat center.
  • Work at a farm learning about winemaking, sheep raising, permaculture, and all the things in between.


  • Receive a scholarship to study abroad, intern, or do a group program.
  • Do a kickstarter campaign to raise money to implement a grassroots project for an NGO that needs it.

and more​....



  • Learn Spanish while living with a family in Spain and working at their local B&B.
  • Immerse in studying art at a local studio in Italy.
  • Volunteer with endangered sea turtles on a remote island in Greece.


  • Volunteer at an intentional community in Southern India with building maintenance, renewable energy, primary and secondary education, village outreach, architecture, organic farming, animal care, and more.
  • Work with special-needs education in Cambodia
  • Travel through multiple countries with a small group doing cultural exchange, language learning, adventure travel, and community service.


  • Work in world-renowned national parks to restore forests and trails.
  • Intern in an art therapy unit of a public hospital
  • Become certified as a Wilderness Emergency Response Technician and learn backcountry survival skills


  • Volunteer with penguins and great white sharks doing marine conservation and education in South Africa.
  • Learn and practice journalism in several mediums including newspaper, TV, and radio in Accra, Ghana.
  • Participate in women's empowerment programs in Morocco

and more​....


  • Volunteer teaching art to girls in a low-income community in Guatemala.
  • Study Spanish and live with a family in Argentina while interning at the zoo.
  • Backpack through the Andes mountains with a small group while learning about the outdoors and yourself. 


  • Work on an organic farm in New Zealand while living the kiwi lifestyle
  • Intern along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia doing admin, writing, social media, and multi-media projects to conserve the reef.
  • Take a group semester through Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia.


  • Join a group of students on a travel program throughout multiple countries to get a taste of the world, language, culture, and yourself
  • Work as a camp counselor in Europe over the summer
  • Volunteer educating people on wild bottlenose dolphins in Western Australia during their summer 


  • Take a photography or filmmaking course in an urban city
  • Learn a foreign language studying at a local university in the city of your choice 
  • Do a combination of a group semester and a month to two month long internship or travel post program


  • Participate in an immersive program that combines right of passage with international travel, internships, and personal and group retreats in between.
  • Do a group program, paid work, internships and/or volunteer placements, and personal travel 
  • Develop real-world skills as a citizen-artist during a year of service for a low-income school

and more​....



  • Take a group semester and keep a daily journal along the way while learning experientially and earning college credits
  • Enroll in a study program focusing on art, language, or conservation and get a semester worth of credit
  • Do a global gap year and earn credits for a the US-based part of your program.


  • Get certified to be a SCUBA Divemaster and work all over the world
  • Get TEFL certified to teach English anywhere
  • Receive your Wilderness First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician certification to support wilderness programs
  • Become a certified yoga instructor and teach all over the world
  • Become a ski or snowboard instructor and work in Switzerland, Canada, the US, or Patagonia
  • Take a permaculture design course and become certified to practice permaculture and even teach it

and more​....

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